Why I Decided to Blog!

So why did I start blogging? You’re probably thinking that it is such a millennial thing to do, and you’re probably right. I have always loved writing ever since I was in elementary school; I would write random stories, anything that came to my mind. No, they were not very good, but it was something that made me happy. I never took it anywhere, because when I was about two years old, I started dancing and continued with it up until I was about sixteen/seventeen years old.

When I got to college, I wanted a fresh start and just focus on my college courses that I was taking; that is why it has taking me so long to get here. I am finishing my last year at SVSU (finally) and with being a part-time student (taking less than 12 credits), I able to focus a little bit on what I have always wanted to do, which is writing!

I have always been someone who has something on their mind like I am in overdrive and cannot seem to slow down. This allows me to organize my thoughts so I am not so overwhelmed at times. I am not 100% sure where this will take me, but I am just hoping that I this is a good way to show others that they are not alone.

Life can be challenging at times, and through my experience I would like to tell some things that I have learned along the way. Some things may include some harder topics that people typically do not like to talk about like anxiety/depression to some light hearted ones like traveling and what it’s like being an only child.

I also have thought that this was a great way to connect with others. With social media being one of the most popular tools that people use, this would be something that I can navigate and see those who are in the same boat as I am. In my opinion, it is incredible on how we can connect with others all around the world from various countries with just a few screens away.

That is why I am hoping that through this, I can at least inspire, make you think, or find your passion along the way.

Once I figure out what my schedule is like during the school year, I will be posting on a more consistence basis. For now, it will be little all over the place.

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Hello!! I am a college student who works part-time that likes to find the positive things each day instead of just going through the motions. Mental-health has been a huge part of mine and my friends/family life the past few years which I love to talk about. Finding what type of self-care works best for you is super important. I am new to writing, just wanted something to express what I am feeling, thinking, etc. Thought this would be a great way to start!

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