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Procrastination. That is something I always seem to struggle with, whether I am talking about homework, daily chores, or work, it always seems to bite me in the butt. I know that I can get the work done, then why is it so hard for me to stop procrastinating? It is probably a million different factors put into one, but I have learned over the past few weeks that as long as you maintain just one goal for the week, it can really add up. For me, it is getting to work on time. I know it sounds silly and a little immature, but I have always struggled with time management in general so punctuality was never my strong suit. I decided I was going to get up a little bit earlier to get ready for work in order to have enough time to drive through traffic and clock in as soon as my shift started. I realized getting up just a tad bit early was not as difficult as I made it out to be. With just as simple as getting to work on time for the week, going to the gym, or whatever it may be, just focus on that one goal and you will be surprised on what you can accomplish.

With that being said, I have also found myself things about much bigger goals in life like what am I going to do after college graduation? Should I apply to graduate school? Do I immediately look for jobs? I have always been told to trust my gut instinct on what to do. What I think feels right, I should go for it no matter what other people may think. I do get intimidated by that thought sometimes. What others may think. I’m not 100% why, but I have realized that it will only hold me back. Though, I may not be able to predict the future, just thinking about certain goals that I have for myself gets me a little excited. I have always wanted to live in Chicago no matter if I attend graduate school or not, that is something that has always been on my mind and with that, I am going to see what life takes me.

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Hello!! I am a college student who works part-time that likes to find the positive things each day instead of just going through the motions. Mental-health has been a huge part of mine and my friends/family life the past few years which I love to talk about. Finding what type of self-care works best for you is super important. I am new to writing, just wanted something to express what I am feeling, thinking, etc. Thought this would be a great way to start!

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